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Runkeeper Pro is Free!

The folks over at Runkeeper just released their pro version for iPhone for free! There is a time limit of course, but it’s worth picking up. I’ve been using the free version for quite some time now and have been very happy with it. Until the end of January 2011, you can download the pro version for nothing/nada/zilch. It’s a great little application to map your runs via gps and to keep track of your pace. I haven’t played much with the Pro version yet so I don’t know what all it can do. There is a way to linkup with your iTunes library and to have a “coaching” option enabled but that was only after a quick glance at the new Start screen. Head to your friendly app store and download it today!

My experience has mostly been with the free version, and it’s been quite helpful for running outdoors.  It’s nice to know how far I’ve run and how much time has elapsed.  There is also a handy chart that shows your pace at different intervals, as well as a very accurate google map of your run.  I have been using this app in conjunction with the iOS 4.01 release and an Apple iPhone 4 so I’m not quite sure what anyone else’s experiences have been like on different platforms.

One thing I’ve always liked about Runkeeper is the ability to specify which activity I’m doing and have the application track that.  Before starting, there is a handy drop down list that shows all kinds of sports you can use this program with.  I really wish they had one for Kayaking, as that seems to be absent from the list.  I have noticed an “other” category which I tried to use, but the free version of this application only operates with cell phone service, so kayaking has yet to be tracked in my list of activities.  Hopefully the pro version fixes that by allowing the user to operate it just using GPS service.