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Win 7 and OSX Color Profiles on a Macbook Pro…


















So yes, I broke down and installed Win 7 on my MacBook Pro. I’m not happy about it, but considering what I need for AS3 development this seems to be the cheapest alternative.  Hard to believe, right?  Well, here’s the skinny.  On OSX I was looking for a program similar to Flash Develop, which is free and open source, but PC only.  I’ve started a project in it and really want to finish it based on that IDE.  As for mac, a copy of Adobe’s Flash Builder would run me about 600 dollars for a license.  Not really what I was willing to pay.   There were a few other alternatives like Haxe and FDT, but those were not working with my pre-existing code base (at least not easily) so I was left floundering.

Realizing that I could easily bootcamp, I just needed a copy of windows and I could get back to my previous setup.  Looking at current OEM prices, I found a cheap copy of Win 7 for under a hundred dollars online (it is also nice to have a friend at M$).  After the install and some wrestling with Bootcamp, I’m back to my old dev environment again.  Word to the wise, use your original factory Mac OSX cd’s that came with your mac to bootcamp.  DO NOT try and be a smarty pants like me, and download the latest bootcamp software as an alternative.  NOT a good idea.  You can always update the boot camp software through apple software update anyway, so find those system discs!!!  The process after that was smooth sailing.

My only problem so far has been the small crap that comes with putting windows on a mac.  Like the keyboard and mouse.   Still getting used to that as I do switch back and forth from time to time.  The most recent hurdle I had to overcome though was getting my display to look correct on my laptop screen, as everything is very blown out and hard to read.  What I didn’t realize was that in OSX and now Windows, you can share icc color profile’s back and forth!  Here’s the article I dug up.  Pretty snazzy.  Now if I could just remember to NOT press APPLE + C to copy things….sheesh…

Indie Games that say something…

2 awesome gamesThere are quite a few good games being created out there in the Indie scene that are free to play and have some great moments/elements to them.  More and more I am starting to see a trend, a trend in the direction that these games actually speak very deeply to the player, having more to say than just “save the princess” or “destroy anything in site”.  I happened to run into one such title a few days ago and really needed to share with you all the complexities of it.  Not only does it say a whole lot, but it encompasses a standard game play methodology that speaks as loudly as the actual theme of the story.  It’s called, “Every day the same dream” and it requires you to only progress through a series of choices that speak volumes about life and your path through it.  I can’t help but wonder how this game came about; what the author was thinking and why they chose what they chose.  The game is rather simple, has a nice visual style and implores the use of only the arrow keys and the space bar.  What you find out as you play is that routine and monotony are the enemy, and that your only salvation is to search, look and try different things in order to break free and understand.  This simple connection between adventure game mechanics and the idea that life is only interesting and meaningful when you take the less traveled road is up for some debate but I found the point to be immensely, if not overwhelmingly, powerful as it relates to me and my own life.

Sit down, relax and let yourself go with this one.  It’s well worth it in the end.  Hats off to the music and the graphical style.

I would have to say that I was reminded heavily of Daniel Benmergui’s work, especially his “Today I Die” game.  His work is a bit more poetical…a bit more out of the box and requires a deeper reason to stay connected to the work for longer amounts of time.  However, there is still a wonderful journey there, even if you can’t figure out what to do in the meantime.

There are some powerful things going on here, and I can only hope the Indie scene continues on that trend.  And I hope the mainstream picks up on it, implements it, and moves it forward so that games as a commercial endeavor can also become ones that actually say something meaningful; thus changing the way pop culture looks at interactive media.