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Humans glow in the dark…

Yeah, you read that right…apparently we give off very low amounts of light undetectable by the human eye. Called bio luminescence, apparently we have not been able to capture it in humans on camera until now. So says the Science Blog over at the Guardian. I keep wondering how frustrating that would have been to go deep sea diving; looking for underwater creatures that glow in the dark. All the while not knowing that the light you are giving off is scaring them away!

At first I thought this was bumpkiss, as the images looked like thermal scans, but apparently they compared the two in the study and found the light sources were different, which I also find fascinating. I also like their diagram of the procedure and how they filmed it. Which leads me to my next point….

At the end of the article, they say that it would be hard to imagine any practical usage arising from this. I say NAY good sirs, there is one major practical application coming out of all this, it’s called Super Mutant Glowing Powers! Look at that dude sitting in the chair in the photo and tell me you wouldn’t want to blast him with a bunch of harnessed bio luminescence from other glowing hoomans to make him glow in the dark?! Muwhahahahaaaaaa! AHEM…’scuse me. Overcoming evil scientist urge in 3…2…

LCROSS Nasa mission

NASA is running a new project called LCROSS. The idea is that they want to crash land a probe onto the moon in order to look for particulate matter related to ice and water. The mission is rather interesting and it has one neat side effect that i wanted to share with you.

The impact of the probe will be so great that it will send a plum of moon matter into space. So big in fact that you can see it from earth! Awesome. That’s the kind of science I like to see, blow up or crash something into a large lunar surface. Color me excited! If you want to get the whole scoop, here’s the link to NASA’s site and the KQED public radio news story over in their Quest section.

Oh yeah, and the important information that I always forget! 🙂 The date and time should be October 9, 2009 at 11:30 UT (7:30 a.m. EDT, 4:30 a.m. PDT), +/- 30 minutes. Check the site for updates!